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Top 3 End of Year Tips to Get You Ready for 2016 User Adoption

I can’t believe it’s almost 2016! Often times in December I start to reflect on what we did the past year, mainly because we are so busy with the day-to-day, it’s nice to reflect on the body of work everyone contributed.  Did you know this year the ServiceMax training team delivered:

  • 56 Administrator Workshops which equals 224 days of Training
  • 3,744 hours of Custom Education Consulting & Training
  • 20+ Blogs & Education Articles
  • …and more!

It’s great to reflect on your successes of the year and even better to take this information to help set up next year for even more wins.

Success starts with great user adoption. Here are top 3 tips to get your user adoption up for 2016:

  • TIP#1: Send Out “Did you Know” posts on Chatter to share big wins of 2015.
    • EX: “Did you know Amy Johnson in Support closed 472 Cases this year? Way to go Amy! ”
    • EX: “Did you know Adam Wilson’s team increased their FTF (First Time Fix) from 40% to 83%?”
  • BENEFIT: Most people don’t realize the aggregate work they or their team may produce in a year and providing consolidated WOW moments helps users understand they do make a difference every day for your company.

  • TIP#2: Proactively Update your custom views and reports for the next calendar year. While ServiceMax offers date ranges like “This year” some view and report creators may have chosen to set up reports with hard coded dates.
    • Consider updating date ranges to use the system “Current FY” , “Current Quarter” etc. vs a Custom range with firm dates as shown below:

                                   THIS OPTION BELOW IS BEST

  • BENEFIT? Reports using your system based fiscal date ranges ensures you always have updated reports and views data.  You can make these changes now without impacting your end of year reporting and will make for a smoother transition into 2016 as your users reports will seamlessly transfer.
  • TIP #3: Proactively host ServiceMax office hours and invite users and teams.
    • EX: You can cover FAQs, review common end of year processes and answer questions
    • EX: You can offer a support for data cleanup for challenged users. (This is great as these individuals really do need more help and ending the year with clean data/records is good for everyone).
  • BENEFIT: Often people wait till the end of a quarter or cycle to update records, only to realize they have forgotten how to perform a function or missed the new training on a feature.  Plus, it’s usually a little slower pace for some offices during the holidays so take advantage of this time with additional training.

Remember, users that are knowledgeable of the product and processes perform better.  Let’s work to wrap up 2015 with a bow and start 2016 with a bang for your users!

Happy Holidays

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