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Top 5 Tips to Increase Technician Utilization

Top 5 Tips to Increase Technician Utilization


Reduce Idle Time & Increase Productivity

One of those critical metrics is technician utilization – how much time your technicians spend idle, filling out paperwork, or in the van in transit – pretty much any time not spent solving customer issues.

Never underestimate the power of information.

Everyone understands that a knowledgeable technician is a productive technician. Likewise, a knowledgeable service organization is a productive service organization. If revenue growth and customer

delight are the goals, it is critical that your service organization monitor the right metrics on an ongoing basis, so problem areas can be quickly identified and remedied.

Ongoing poor performance in technican utilization metric is a huge red flag for your service business.

Unfortunately, many field service organizations are missing the mark. Average technician idle time is a whopping 40%, according to Aberdeen*. It’s a contributing factor to overall poor performance.

Only 60% of field service companies met goals for customer retention and satisfaction, while productivity goals were missed by 50%.

There is a great case for making the effort and investment to better utilize your field technicians.

*Aberdeen Field Service 2012 – The Right Technician; Sumair Dutta, Aly Pinder, Jr.; Feb 2012

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