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UG Communication for Maximize LV + Boston

1 Thread - @mentioning all UG registrants

  • One in West Coast UG
  • One in East Coast UG

Four polls - referring to the 4 customer lifecycle workshops

  • KPIs
  • Implementation
  • Organizational management
  • User change management

3 emails

  • One prior to the event showcasing who is going, demographics, companies
  • One after the event pointing them to resources in the community
  • One a few weeks later pointing them to online networking opportunities, reference opportunities


April 19 - LV poll 1

April 24 - LV poll 2, Boston poll 1

April 30 - LV poll 3, Boston poll 2

May 7 - LV poll 4, Boston poll 3

May 8 - LV pre email, Boston poll 4

May 14 - Boston pre email

May 21 - LV resources email

May 28 - Boston resources email

June 15 - LV online networking email

June 20 - Boston online networking email


Hi all! We wanted to start a Maximize [CITY] User Group thread and start connecting all those registered! As we prepare for the event, we want to add some questions and discussion topics that relate to the customer lifecycle workshop that we're having during the user group, as well as other #Maximize18 content. I'll mention them here when they go live!


This thread is also a great place to ask any questions of the group and share what you hope to get out of the event!

What do you hope to gain out of the user group? Is there anyone you want to meet? Where were you be traveling in from? What are you excited for in spring?

MY RESPONSE: I personally can't wait to meet you all. I read about your service stories and see all your interactions on the community, so it'll be great to put faces to names! (XYZ)

Pleas reply or follow this thread to find out what's new with the upcoming user group


Poll 1: There are certain metrics that are most important to our business, and then there are metrics that are relatively simple to calculate. Which metric does your team have the greatest success tracking?  (Vegas - April 23, Boston - April 24)

  •    Contract Attach Rate:

•       Leakages:

•       Net Promoter Score (NPS)

•       First Time Fix

•       Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

•       Technician Productivity

•       Mean time to Repair

•       Upsell / Cross-Sell

•       Uptime

Poll 2: If you had to generalize, what’s your preferred implementation strategy? (Vegas - April 30, Boston - April 30)

  • Waterfall
  • Agile

Poll 3: For change & transition management, which stakeholder is THE MOST important to get 'on board' for a new release / feature or project? (Vegas - May 3, Boston - May 3)

  • Field service techs
  • field service team managers
  • IT leaders
  • Business admins
  • Dispatchers
  • Executive sponsors

Poll 4: What is the most useful tactic to drive adoption of ServiceMax across your team? Have you used multiple ways? If so, comment below! (Vegas - May 7, Boston - May 7)

  • Getting early buy in
  • Incentives
  • Recruiting champions
  • Continuous training
  • Newsletters, videos, creative communication

We have three sessions focused on the ServiceMax product during Maximize - one of the mobile functionality, a new sneak peak of Dispatch Console 2.0, and a general roadmap preview. (DONE FOR BOSTON, NEED TO DO FOR LV)

  • What do you hope to see on the product road map?
  • Are you planning on utilizing the the new DC when it is released?
  • What kind of mobile app update would your techs love to see?

Maximize is about having candid conversations about challenges, best practices, and upcoming field service trends. IoT is something that comes up in our sessions and conversations with customers. What is your perspective on the Internet of Things and field service? (DONE FOR LV, NEED FOR BOSTON)

  • Are connected devices a part of your company's overall service strategy?
  • Are you looking for ways to start the conversation
  • Or are you looking for reasons why to start it?

I've never been to Boston, so I'm super excited to use my spare moments to explore the city. Any recommendations? Places for food? Sites to see? (Boston - May 9)

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Community Manager

Re: UG Communication for Maximize LV + Boston

Other potential questions:

what tools have you used to plan and track your implementation through change

what types of communication strategies have you used in your implementations

what are some of the techniques you have used to educate your teams

How have you provided support for your teams throughout implementation

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Re: UG Communication for Maximize LV + Boston

test comment


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