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What do Impact Metrics mean? Some insights from Jive

Have you been curious about the 'Impact Metrics' on the resources here on the community?

Find out more about who is affected by your post, who is viewing your question, and more details on the impact your community activity has!

impact metrics.pngGlobal Reach

Perhaps the most easy to understand metric is global reach. This metric conveys how widely viewed your content is in the community. There are some caveats to this:

Calculations are based on number of enabled users who have logged in in the last 30 days*.

Includes only web and mobile views.

Does not capture those following content via email.

Global reach is a great metric to follow if you want to make sure you are getting as many eyeballs on your content as possible. Because its global it's pretty useless to keep track of this in closed/private groups and its not as important if you don't think your content is relevant to the entire community.

The quick facts:

Global reach captures how many people see your content.Global reach can be maximum 100% - meaning everybody registered users in the community saw your content.


The formula is simply:

Likes / Viewers * 100

What we are trying to capture here is that of those that actually see your content how many are impressed enough to like it. Of course, we're assuming that liking means people are more happy, sentimental, etc. about the content. People wouldn't like if they hated what they were seeing. This really means that the sentiment will never be "negative" instead in ranges from neutral to exceptional.

With Sentiment  a higher score here means you're doing better.

This is a good indicator when you are posting content that's supposed to create some emotional reactions.

Other examples include:Sharing personal news.Sharing corporate news that are positive in nature (new acquisitions, partnerships, quarterly results, etc.)Proposing ideas, features, etc.

The quick facts:

Sentiment measures how well you do in getting people to agree, share the same sentiment, care about the content, or simply like it. It tells you of all those that viewed how many liked.

Sentiment is not based of any textual analysis. Sentiment is broken into 3 categories: neutral, good, exceptional. Sentiment has a fixed ceiling of 100 representing that everybody that viewed the content also liked it!

This is a signature, signatures are fun, they appear under every post a community member makes. Some people say things like this in their signature:
~If my post was useful, please give me a thumbs up! Mark correct answers as 'solutions' so we can all find answers faster!~
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Re: What do Impact Metrics mean? Some insights from Jive

Thank you!

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