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Why Smart Sales Leaders Care About Field Service

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Savvy salespeople know that happy customers and reference selling are the keys to a successful sales strategy. With the expansion and cross-sell potential within the accounts you already have, you have a great opportunity to blow your quota out of the water. However, good coordination with your service team is imperative if you want to curb customer churn and expand your footprint. After all, field service is often the last bastion of face-to-face customer relationships. Very literally, your field service techs/engineers keep customers up and running, your company growing and thriving. They often have more face time with your customer than you do (especially if regular preventive maintenance is part of their responsibilities). And here’s the kicker – he or she is a hero to your customer. Who else hops in a van (or on a plane) and shows up at their door armed with the skills, know-how and the parts to solve their problems? It’s an amazing opportunity to delight your customer.

Top 3 Reasons to Care About Field Service:
  • Good after sales service leads to more business and increased customer loyalty
  • Field techs can be your best source of cross-sell and expansion opportunities and will keep your customer contacts up to date for you – as long as the lines of communication are open
  • Unlike your sales rep, your service rep is viewed as a trusted advisor to the customer
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