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List of defects fixed in Field Service App 3.2.7 for iPad, Android and Windows.


Defects fixed in FSA v. 3.27 for the following apps:

  • FSA for iPad
  • FSA for Android
  • FSA for Windows


The following information can be found in the FSA Release Notes publis hed April 16,2018:

Defect No.Defect
42554, 42513Work order records were not getting downloaded when the user chose to Download on Demand.
42549When prompted with Data Validation error(s), clicking the error did not navigate to the corresponding field in the record.
42509The information on the Calendar screen was not respecting the user's language.
42221On enabling the Include Online toggle, the search results did not display the records as per the SFM Search configured.
42195When Custom Actions of type URL is configured in a work order, user was unable to launch the third party a plication from FSA.
42137In the Event Search screen, the Salesforce Record ID of the work order event was getting displayed instead of the record number
42559, 41423For online records in Product Lookup screen, the information "i" icon was empty
41207In the Calendar screen, the user was not able to open work order events with medium priority.
42550, 42501While resolving a sync error in Sync Conflict window, the view option of the conflicted record was not working.
41539The SVMX.CURRENTUSER literal was not supported.
41536Application got stuck during initial sync, due to older Salesforce API version.
42679While editing the signature on a signed service report, the size of the signature box got increased.
42356, 42385The time picker was not respecting the format (12 hours/ 24 hours) of the user's device.
41521User was unable to copy text from service reports.
42277In the Explore screen, when "/" was included in keyword search, the search result did not return any records.
42223In Create New Parts Order screen, all the options were not appearing in the picklists.

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