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List of defects fixed in FSA 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 for iPad, Android and Windows.


Defects fixed in FSA v. 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 for the following apps:

  • FSA for iPad
  • FSA for Android
  • FSA for Windows

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FSA 3.2.1:

Defect No.Defect

When the Checklist process was launched, it kept spinning and was unable to load all the questions.

FSA 3.2.2:

Defect No.Defect
40660'Quick Save' and 'Save' were having different impacts on the data synchronized to the server.
42225Data Sync was using up more time, due to invalid last sync time format.
42200FSA was not respecting the user's device timezone, and instead displayed the date/time fields in GMT format.
42191Data Sync was not responding when downloading the IB records.
42164The 'Now' SFM Literal was saved in GMT format, and not in the user's device timezone.
42165In FSA for Laptop, the picklist fields were not displaying all the values on the first instance.
42130'Is Null' operator was not supported in look-up fields.
41560The user's selection on the Product look-up Search screen was not retained in consecutive searches.
40982In FSA for iPad, 'Recent Item' screen was unable to display the records on the first instance.
42314Customer was not able to create Service Contract from Service Plan due to out-dated Salesforce API version.
40872Few service reports generated during sync completion, were retained in HTML and PNG formats, instead of generating a PDF document.
41041The qualification criteria defined on the date field in SFM Wizard was considering the time component.
42328The SFM Wizard title with the special character '&' was not rendered correctly.
42166In Calendar, the date displayed at the top of the screen had irrelevant characters, when the device language was set to Spanish or Portuguese.

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