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Dave Yarnold Interview at PTC ThingEvent: Today!

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‎01-28-2016 11:37 AM

See ServiceMax CEO Dave Yarnold being interviewed by PTC's CEO at PTC's ThingEvent in Boston this afternoon at 3 PM EST

This event is  PTC's worldwide live stream launch event co-hosted by ThingWorx™ and Vuforia™.

You can join the virtual event to see how Augmented Reality (AR) is completely changing the way you see things in the Internet of Things.  Currently there are over 14,500 virtual registrations from across the globe that will be attending this virtual broadcast from Boston.

Our presentation will be very relevant for Field Service professionals who are interested in understanding why  "service is the killer app for IoT".

Did you listen to the broadcast?  What do you think of the Augmented Reality?
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Community Manager
Community Manager

I watched! Great presentation of IoT technology in action throughout the video.  Jim Heppelmann, PTC President & CEO, interviewed ServiceMax CEO, Dave Yarnold about the ServiceMax | PTC partnership at 28 minutes.

You can click below to access the recording and watch the interview. Remember - navigate to 28:00 to  see that interview!

thingevent screenshot.png

Jim Heppelmann:

"PTC is playing a key role as a catalyst to bring together the IoT ecosystem. And a great example of that is our partnership with ServiceMax. It's clear we share a vision for how the IoT will transform customer service. Can you tell us a little bit about how our companies have been collaborating together to capitalize on this opportunity?"

Dave Yarnold:

"I'm happy to do that. Last year we first started partnering with PTC and we've now jointly developed our connected field service product. Imagine if you are a global manufacturer, you have a fleet of products deployed around the world within your customer base. Now any one of those products can send you an alert. A temperature reading, weird vibration, some kind of change through put, any of which can be a warning of impending failure. Based on connected field service, integrated with thingworx, a work order can be generated automatically and a field service engineer can be dispatched to the customer site,  proactively resolving the issue before it ever occurs. It's a complete transformation of the service equation and it's available today."