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It's award time! ServiceMax MaxChoice Awards

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‎03-10-2015 10:45 AM


The ServiceMax MaxChoice Customer Award Program is here!

I am so excited to unveil the brand-new ServiceMax MaxChoice Customer Awards Program.  This is a prime opportunity to recognize you and your company for your outstanding use of ServiceMax and give you the recognition you deserve.

The ServiceMax MaxChoice award program recognizes ServiceMax customers who have successfully implemented ServiceMax and who are experiencing great success and adoption. Recipients will be honored for achieving positive business results using ServiceMax. You have worked hard to successfully utilize ServiceMax and elevate field service at your organization;  this is our way of recognizing you for your hard work, dedication to field service and outstanding contributions to your own companies and to the industry.

So, you are asking, ‘Why would I nominate our company?’  Wouldn’t you love to learn from others’ projects and potentially connect with others who have been successful?  Other customers would love to better understand what you’ve done to help drive field service and provide a positive environment for your employees and customers.  Are you able to provide better customer service since using ServiceMax?  Is your field service organization operating more efficiently?  Have you noticed that your sales revenue has increased since ServiceMax?  Are your products and services critical to people?  These are all stories that matter and would be great to share with others. (Not to mention, this is a great way to update your resume and LinkedIn profile!)

The nomination process should only take a few minutes and we have made it easy for you to complete the nomination online We have created several categories for just about everyone.  The online nomination form and further details can be found here.

But, please don’t wait... the deadline is April 1, 2015.

For any questions, please contact Sue Domagalski or via phone at (908) 894-5140.

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