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The View From Southern Europe: Field Service in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal

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‎04-08-2019 10:30 AM

I live in Milan, Italy. My favorite thing about my city might be the food - I love tortellini in brodo. I also love travelling with friends. New York is one of my favorite places; to me, it feels like the center of the world.


I’ve spent my career in marketing, and spent most of my time focused on regional work in Southern Europe. I would be happy to share my knowledge about doing business in this region with ServiceMax Community members. I will post updates with great new assets, events, and news regularly, here in the community.


I was pleased to help with Technologies du Field Service du futur, a wonderful event we hosting in September 2016 in Paris, with a great agenda of content, including 5 top priorities for Field Service Teams in 2016, Connected Field service, powered by IoT, Augmented reality in field service, and achieving excellence through our Field Service maturity matrix assessment tool. Below a picture of the event.

ptc event.jpg

We also joined the IoT World Congress in Barcelona in October, a great event for IoT; full of business managers, CTOs, CMOs, technical experts who are interested in IoT Solutions. We met great contacts across Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Transportation, Healthcare, and technology organizations.


One event I am looking forward to next year is the SPS Italian Automation event in Parma in May. Focused on industrial automation, and growing quickly, this conference is great for manufacturing companies and the content will be important for field service teams in Italy. It is very important for us to expand coverage for new markets, to represent field service for customers from these areas.


My customers in Southern Europe, they are interested in the technology and understanding how our software works, how it can be flexible for their needs. On the other hand they are focused on ROI and how it can improve their customer’s experience.


One of my goals is to deliver information for different roles, particularly for Southern Europe. There can be many stakeholders in the process, from the CFO, IT team, line of business, Services team. Each person has needs, has questions, and wants to understand more. All may be involved in the decision making process and I want to help address their interests and questions.


Here are some recent assets for you or your team members in Southern Europe or who speak Spanish or French.


ServiceMax y PTC anuncian Servicios de Campo Conectados (Spanish subtitles)


This is a video where ServiceMax and PTC present their co-joint offer on Connected Field Services. Moreover you can see how IoT technology will be very important in the upcoming years, and also how McKinley Equipment has already started using it.


ServiceMax démonstration - Le rôle du field service (French audio)

Improving field service operations requires a complete understanding of and visibility into the complexities of field service delivery. It starts when your customer purchases a product or service from you, and extends through delivery processes such as work order management, and finally to analytics to understand the business as well as ultimately deliver predictive service. Watch this demo video to see how ServiceMax has focused on building deep technology for the entire field service delivery chain.

  • Are you based in Southern Europe?
  • Do you have teams in Southern Europe?
  • What do you provide for those teams?
  • What are the cultural considerations you take?


I’m interested to collaborate with members who are doing business in my region, and eager to provide more assets to help with your field service evaluation.

  • What documents, assets, webinars, etc would you like to see in Italian, Spanish, French, or Portuguese?




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Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Thanks Mauro Paretti, I have shared your video with the french language group Communauté Francophone du Field Service on the community. It would be great to see some more activity there if you have more helpful resources and insight to share with the french speaking users of ServiceMax?

To this end I have created a discussion about content in general for non English speaking ServiceMax users.

Content for non English Speakers

Regards, Richard