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3 weeks ago

Initially setup to cover mobile as that's my teams focus, if we start to see interest in other areas we will setup a dedicated forum for it.

In the last release (1.4) we released a powerful feature for Go, Mobile Activity Space.

Mobile Activity Space - Component DiagramMobile Activity Space - Component Diagram

This brings together the standard power of HTML5, JavaScript and Deep Linking URLs along side access to the SFM Framework, Snippet API, device properties and database of Go.

The package we provided included sample code and following the steps on the online help you can be up and running developing small web packages on your local machine.

The uploading that package as a Custom Action SFM, it can be accessed from the SFM Actions menu within Go.

Very quickly our internal employees got excited and I quickly realised we needed a space for developers to help developers. That includes solution consultants, and professional services.

Some things we have already noticed is the classic level of experience around Java Script. Now if you are reading this thinking, I know JavaScript and Html, I can throw something together, and that maybe true but I highly recommend you doing some reading on ES6 JavaScript.

If its a new term to you or like me you have be blindly hacking away at JavaScript snippets you find online, then stop do a short course and build your project using JavaScript ES6. I'll be getting our developers to do some posts on best practises, so watch this space.

We have some ideas in the pipeline for Mobile Activity Space (or MAS as its been shortened to), such as better debugging tools, other areas in the SFM experience to allow uses of MAS.


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