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Managing Your Installed Base: Topics, features, and business goals around your Assets


Managing Your Installed Base: Topics, features, and business goals around your Assets

This is an overview of how our team at ServiceMax sees Installed Base Management: Your Assets. Like in other product forums, let's look at some key product features and associated business goals. 

Some of this information is featured on our website. I'm bringing it to our community to share these details and to start a conversation.


Main Goals: Solutions to Maximize Uptime

Equipment across all industries is becoming more complex while customer expectations of service are on the rise. It is more important than ever for service providers to know their installed base in the field. This information helps service teams deliver effective service, implement proactive service plans, and move to outcome-as-a-service offerings.

Asset Data at Your Fingertips
Asset data including service history of as-maintained equipment and hierarchy of its subcomponents can help service agents and technicians resolve service calls quickly and efficiently. On the support side, Assets are linked to cases, work orders, maintenance plans, warranties and service contracts so technicians can review asset’s service history for the duration of the asset life cycle.

Let's Discuss!

When you think about your Assets, what are your main goals? What visibility do you want to gain, and why? This discussion forum includes ServiceMax Customers who care about Installed Base Management, including those who use Asset 360 for Salesforce, and those who use ServiceMax Core. 

Please jump in, hit reply, and share below!