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Maximize 2016 Presentations

Community Manager
Community Manager
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‎06-23-2016 08:25 AM

Tuesday, June 14th Presentations:

    Products & Strategy:
        1:45pm - Success with ServiceMax: Integrate, Deploy & Transform

        2:45pm - Gain Business Insight with Field Service KPIs

        4:45pm - Creating the Best Offline Mobile Experience for Today's Engineer

    Value of Field Service:

        1:45pm - Oh the Places You'll Go... on your Transformation Journey!

        2:45pm - A Practical Guide to Outcome Based Business Models and Service Innovation

        4:45pm - Aligning the CSO & CIO with the CEO's Strategy

    Service Operations Excellence:

        1:45pm - Creating Cross-Functional Alignment for Deployment Success

        2:45pm - It's Not About Collaboration: Why Messaging Is Huge For Field Service Workers

        4:45pm - Lutron Electronics: Leveraging the Service Profit Chain Framework

    Insights & Business Outcomes:

        1:45pm - How Medtronic Uses Data to Sell Services

        4:45pm - Tips & Tricks for Creating ServiceMax Reports

    System Performance & Integration:

        1:45pm - Technology Secrets of Connected Devices - A primer on IoT Technologies by McKinely Elevators

        2:45pm - Increasing Technician Performance & Motivation at Westmor Industries

        4:45pm - IT Success: Customers Integrating to Oracle and SAP

Wednesday, June 15th Presentations:

    Products & Strategy:
        11:15am - Deliver Exceptional Service with Schedule Optimization

        11:15am - Digital Strategies in Smart Services - Reordering the Value Chain and Creating New Opportunities

        1:15pm - Workshop: How to Get Started with Connected Field Service

        1:15pm - Education Workshop: Top 5 Mobile for Laptop Tips

        2:15pm - Delivering Revenue Growth with Tailored Service Contracts

    Value of Field Service:
        11:15am - Ensuring Success Through Change Managment & Adoption Planning

        1:15pm - Workshop: Field Service 101

        2:15pm - Customer Panel: The Value of Field Service

    Service Operations Excellence:
        11:15am - How Luminex Developed a Customer Centric Culture

        1:15pm - Workshop: Responding to Regulatory Updates in Medical Devices

        2:15pm - Best Practices for Service and IT Partnerships

    Insights & Business Outcomes:
        11:15am - Measuring Field Service Success at MilliporeSigma

        1:15pm - Appirio Workshop: The Impacts of Worker Experience on Customer Experience

        2:15pm - Using Big Data & Predictive Analytics for Field Service Management

  System Performance & Integration:
        11:15am - Inspecta's Mobile Data Strategy with Marketplace Partner GoFormz

        1:15pm - Admin Workshop: Tips & Tricks for Configuring Service Flow

        2:15pm - Security in the World of Mobile Devices Management at Pitney Bowes

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I'm obsessed with collaboration, networking, and social engagement. I'll work with clients on little things like @mentioning another admin in the thread, someone who is working on the same kind of project. Or big things, like getting a contact on an interview with Fortune Magazine or putting them on a huge keynote stage. Collaboration tools, fun in-person events, virtual calls and meetings, these are my areas to geek out, and helping you meet peers who are valuable connections is my work joy. At home, it's softball, Marlo (dog), Vermont, music.