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London 2019

London 2019

Breakout presentations are below & the keynotes are coming soon.


Maximize is your one stop shop for accelerating your service transformation journey. Join us to learn firsthand how enterprise companies across the globe have turned to ServiceMax to help them #keeptheworldrunning.

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  • Employee

    A recent article in the Guardian has echoed the war cry of science fiction writers of the 20th century and some of the themes of the recent film, Ex Machina: Beware the doom of technological advances. This time they are putting their wary eye on the Internet of Things.



    From the article:


    In order for seamlessly integrated devices to minimise transaction costs, the leash connecting us to the internet needs to tighten.


    Read More at The


    Do you agree with the author's points?  Does technophobia influence your strategy when it comes to practical applications for the internet of things in your business? Do you take it into account when communicating with your field service team? How can leaders mitigate the 'heebie-jeebies' that intelligent machines, AI, wearables, and other advances can evoke?


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