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Roast Chef mark_taylor
Roast Chef

Acceptable Network Latency for iPad sync

Hi all, I am looking for any information on what are acceptable values for the various sync operations to help me troubleshoot users' sync failures on the iPad.  I know it relies on a number of variables but some information on the Servicemax parameters would be helpful.  For instance, what an acceptable network latency before it times out?

Some users are failing on the Initial sync and others on the data so difficult to investigate.  I know about the volumes of download data and will be doing something about that but would appreciate to hear about anything in this area that you've already found.


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Line Chef KedarKulkarni
Line Chef

Re: Acceptable Network Latency for iPad sync


I am looking for a solution to data sync issues with Ipad. How did you solve the problem?

Our technicians work in a very low or no cellular network reception area and getting data conflicts on their Ipads. Your response will be appreciated. Thank you.

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