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Can I attach Files to Work Order?

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Can I attach Files to Work Order?


Since Salesforce is retiring the Attachments and the best practice is to use Files instead, is there a way in ServiceMax for Technicians to attach a file (not a Salesforce Attachment) to a work order and sync that file from mobile device?


Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Re: Can I attach Files to Work Order?

Hi Vesa-Tapio, It appears that this change is only for organisations that use the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

See below a setting (I have made it bold and italics so it stands out) which enables functionality that when you add an attachment to a Work Order it attaches a file as well.

Link to source Knowledge article = Help | Training | Salesforce

Lightning Experience: Attachments are being replaced by Files and not returned in search

Knowledge Article Number000233850
When performing a search within Lightning Experience users may report that Attachments are not returned in search results.


This is expected behavior and due to Attachments being deprecated in Lightning Experience. Attachments are being superseded and replaced in favor of the more robust Files feature. For more details on Files see Files Overview.

Lightning Experience users can still view legacy attachments on records however, they will not be returned in search results when performing a search from within Lightning Experience.

For organizations who have both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic users, it is highly recommended to enable the org feature, "Files uploaded to the Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments."

See Upload Files to Notes & Attachments List in Salesforce Classic (Link = Release Notes) for more details but enabling this feature ensures that any attachments added to records will be uploaded as Files so that Lightning Users are able to search for them within Lightning Experience. Attachments uploaded after enabling this feature will be returned in Lightning search results under Files.

In order to locate Attachments that have been added prior to enabling this feature Lightning Users will need to temporarily switch to Salesforce Classic to perform a search there in order to locate legacy attachments.

Regards, Richard

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