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Custom Action URL not Working on IPad (Summer 15)

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Custom Action URL not Working on IPad (Summer 15)

Hi Everyone,

I created a SFM Custom Action where it launches a salesforce site url.  Then I added it on a Wizard so it appears as a button.

When I click the button using the browser, a new window will pop up and the website will appear.

However, on the IPAD,  under Actions, then I tap the button I receive an error "No view process available for the logged in user"?

The button is suppose to launch a url, do I need a view SFM for this?

Does anyone know how to solve this?




Re: Custom Action URL not Working on IPad (Summer 15)

Hi Robbie Ko​,

Thank you for participating in the community.

Below is the information for the error you have mentioned -


iPad user gets the following error message when clicking on a Work order, search for product stock, view listed parts, viewing RMAs, or open or create an Opportunity Notification from a Work Order:

"No View Process Available for the Logged in User"


This error occurs whenever appropriate permissions are not granted, usually within the group profile.  Oftentimes a view process will have been created and assigned to the profile, but the profile is missing the permissions for one or more objects identified in the View Process.

Some of the scenarios where the error occurs and their solutions are listed below:

A Work Order Record is clicked on the iPad

Check the Salesforce profile associated with the iPad user to be sure it has access to things such as "Job logs", "Page layouts", "Work Detail", "Case", etc. in ServiceMax object.


  1. Log into the org with Admin Credentials
  2. Navigate to ServiceMax Setup || SFM Mobile Permissions
  3. Select the Group Wide Profile
  4. Select Object, Work Order in this example, and assign the SFM Processes View Work Order, View Work Order details to the Group-wide profile.
  5. Perform Configuration Sync on the iPad

When searching for product stock

This can occur when "View Product Stock" is assigned to the Group Profile but has Product as the Header record, and an SFM search is configured for something else, like Product Stock object.  To rectify, create a custom SFM View Process for Product stock object (as an example) and assign this new process to the group profile.

View RMA Details

This can occur if case lookup permissions are missing from the affected user's profile(s). 

For example: If User Profile is ServiceMax Service User (Platform), then this profile will not have permission for a few standard objects like 'Case'

Unable to open or create Opportunity Notification record from SFM search

This is usually caused by a permissions issue.  Check permissions on all related objects included in the SFM. 

SFM search created to search Van stock.  Stock records displayed but unable to view

This can occur if there is no view process defined for the Product Stock object.  Create a custom view process for the Product Stock object and assign it to the group profile.

User has entered in Time and Materials or parts information on iPad but unable to view details

A View Process needs to be created in order for details to be viewable by the user.  Decide what it is you want the user profile to see and set up the processes accordingly.  Steps to create a View Process can be found in online help:

Please let me know if you still have any questions.