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Duplicate work details on FSA

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Duplicate work details on FSA

Since we moved to FSA in March 2019, our technicians occasionally will have their work details duplicate. At times they duplicate multiple times. We are unable to replicate this behavior in our sandbox and it is pretty rare. But it wreaks havoc on our back end systems and invoicing systems, as the technician doesn't see the duplicates on the iPad. They seem to duplicate during the sync only.

We had this issue when we first went to FSA, but the bug was fixed by ServiceMax. If a part didn't have a price, the work details were duplicating. This issue is much more sporadic.

We think it is related to sync conflicts or connection issues - but again, not reproducible. Support was not able to find similar tickets so I wanted to reach out to other customers to see if you have experienced this issue. Please join this discussion if you have experienced anything similar. Thank you!

Susan Michel

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