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EXT: Case 00090967: New enhancement for ServiceMax GO App

Fry Chef
Fry Chef

EXT: Case 00090967: New enhancement for ServiceMax GO App

  1.   On Calendar View, can we make the 'Agenda View' as default view ?

Response from ServiceMax: Enhancement on roadmap.

2. Can we Generate customized service Report from Go App ?

  Currently we are having three customised reports generated for 3 different regions (USCAN, USCAN LCS and Europe) once the work order is marked as completed. So the requirement is once the work order is marked as completed from the GO App, the customer report should be generated on the Go App by capturing the information from the WO's Debrief section. Please find the attached customer report templates for your reference.

  For Europe we have the option to translate the report to 12 different languages based on the user selection. Is it something that can be achieved in GO App as well ?

3.  If point 2 is achievable then is there an option for the user to preview the report and have the digital signature on the report. ?

4.  If the user abruptly closes the App while debriefing the work order, Is there option for auto-save so that the data entered is not lost ?

5.We have default text on some fields on Debrief tab, is there a way to provide a Hint option for those fields  for ex. When the user taps on the field the default text should go and user should be able to enter his data. ? This will reduce the users effort to backspace each fields default value.