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Entire calendar empties when sync performed?

Roast Chef
Roast Chef

Entire calendar empties when sync performed?

Hello, Some of our technicians are telling us that when they sync the entire calendar appears to empty, all existing WO's they have planned all disappear and we know of no way to get them to re-display, so we are left with the office having to re-dispatch the WO's again? Has anyone else seen this happen and know what causes it?

Regards, Mark

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Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Re: Entire calendar empties when sync performed?

Hi Mark, which sync is this that they are performing. Data sync? Are the events on the calendar within the event horizon you have specified? We have ours set to 10 days forward and 10 days back. Also how were the work orders originally dispatched to the reps?

Regards, Richard

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