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Roast Chef brendenburkinsh
Roast Chef

FSA App Stability Issues

I have multiple users that report on issues with the stability of the FSA app, see below a new one we had today in regards to the calendar view. This was resolved with deleting and reinstalling the app, I just don't understand why this seems to be so prevalent in the FSA app. We never experienced the multitude of issues we do with the FSA app when we were using the Classic App.


I also brought up this issue in regards to records not being displayed correctly within a view process, you can clearly see there is a record is there, but cannot be opened.

Parts Request.jpg

Then there is the issue with the explore functionality not returning records when including online items, in turn causing conflicts on the user's device.




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Product Team
Product Team

Re: FSA App Stability Issues


First, I want to assure you that we continue to focus and invest on improving the stability of FSA app. 

Does the first issue reported on the calendar happen consistently? or was there a sequence of some steps leading to it?

For the second issue, could you share a technician credential with which this can be investigated? If not can you log a case with Support please?

I'd like to understand the other issues you mention here so that we can take the next course of action. Thanks!


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