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Pastry Chef russjaco
Pastry Chef

FSA Sync Issues


I am trying to use the latest version of FSA (Version 3.2.5), and it is having a lot of sync issues, i have reset the app, and re-installed it, but it just hangs up about 3/4 of the way through it's data sync. The previous version was working correctly with the same WO.

Anybody else seen similar?


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Fry Chef marjmand
Fry Chef

Re: FSA Sync Issues


Our users are having this issue with version 3.5.3 

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Customer Success Team

Re: FSA Sync Issues

@russjaco   Are you still encountering this issue?


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Roast Chef brendenburkinsh
Roast Chef

Re: FSA Sync Issues

I have had a few technicians say that they are experiencing the app go into a continuous sync cycle.

From one of our tech below.

Had the second report of continuous syncing, it syncs, refreshes and then syncs again.  This continues until battery is flat, I forced closed the app and this does not fix. Only deleting and then reinstalling so far works resolving the issue. 




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