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FSA for windows launching with a blank Screen

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

FSA for windows launching with a blank Screen

Hi all


We are facing an ongoing issue in our organisation with the FSA app running on a windows laptop. We are running 3.6.1 and at first everything works fine - app launches and you can work as normal, but if you leave the app or minimise it after a period of a few hours (3 hours) when you try and open it again you just get a blank white screen. The only way to recover it is to restart the whole laptop.

We have been working with SMax support on this for sometime and it appears the windows callout never receives a reply. We are trying to isolate what this could be due to (firewall setting, antivirus, windows patch etc) and wanted to check with other users and companies if you have experienced anything similar?


Warren Halberstadt