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Important and exciting updates to Online help!


Important and exciting updates to Online help!

We are happy to announce some important updates to Winter 15 online help.

Comprehensive help documentation is now available for ServiceMax Winter 15 for iPad app, and it is also downloadable as an individual PDF file!

Details covered include description of client-side settings, annotated screenshots for functionality-rich screens, FAQs, Tips for Troubleshooting, and so on. Read it here!

Also, individual PDF guides are now available for topics such as SFM, Mobile Configuration and the iPad app! You can access them by clicking on the PDF Guides tab (next to the Contents tab) in the Online help.

Summer 14 Online help too has been updated, to include detailed documentation of ServiceMax Summer 14 for iPad app. You can find it here.

Hope you find the new content useful and handy. Do share your comments / suggestions in this forum. Happy reading!

Meenakshi SHema NatarajanHarshini RangaswamyEd Yip