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Location Testing on Mobile Apps

Product Team
Product Team

Location Testing on Mobile Apps

Last year we introduced SFA for Go the ability to trigger Push & Local notifications on the device based on the techs location.

This is a great feature and although our developers and testers have their own tools to support location testing.

I started to see a trend of cases come in whereby customers were struggling (especially on IOS) to test those notifications reliably.

You will also see this year as we bring Go, Engage & Zinc together that location and time of notifications and those interactions become important.

With these ideas presents interesting challenges when deploying and ensuring these features work as you expect in the field.

So I set off on a journey into the Web, yes there are tools you can Pay For that do this, and I am not endorsing any of those, and with developer tools you can also do this on IOS simulator, but this is not something our customers can easily do.

Then I did some further googling into the 3rd party app repos of MacPorts & Brew:

Where I stumbled across this:

Instructions to set this up are on the GitHub Repo.

But as long as you are happy using Brew you should be up and running in minutes.

I found it was very good at dropping a pin somewhere (long press) and then Navigate and it uses apple Maps to take you there via the road.

As this is a public Repo with no official support, ServiceMax cannot provide support on the use of it, but if you find it useful there is a community around this tool, where you can get support.

Hope you find it useful

Of course this is for OSX, I don't use Windows much and there are a load of Apps (some questionable) for Android on the Google Play store as Android allows location spoofing easier using apps.

Just remember when testing things like SFA, there are a few requisites for location geofencing to work

And refer to our docs here;!servicemax-go/go-service-flow-automation

1. Location services need to be allowed

2. In Setup, define some criteria for which type of WO you want local notifications for that process (don't leave this blank, although you can, often you will find you qualify in too many WO and you may get double notifications) Plus if you are not defining it how can you know what criteria the WO will get notifications.

3. Once logged in with the app, check the logs and Search for 'geofence'

If your configuration is correct you should see in your logs

{DateTimeStamp} [info] ServiceMaxGo: SFA Geofence: 4 qualified workOrders being found

Followed by the WOs in the future that have been GeoCoded.

If it's not you will see:

{DateTimeStamp} [info] ServiceMaxGo: SFA Geofence: No qualified Work Orders found.

Location Based flows and interactions are tricky to test, be interesting to know what tools you have tried our worked with

Trevor Alexander
Mobile Product Manger