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Long text field on the service report

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Long text field on the service report

We have added a long text field on the service report, however the information is not displayed as it is wished.

Our technician can add the information in different paragraphs or lines, however the information on the service report does not consider the break lines on the field.

The service report should recognize the break lines from the long text field in order to make this information readable in a better way.


Service Report.png

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Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

User Reply Long text field on the service report nschmitz

Just to confirm - this is really something our field service engineers are requesting for reporting their activities.

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

User Reply Long text field on the service report cidalia_ruas

we have the same issue reported by Field Engineers : they are taking time to format the text (named Progress Notes in our solution) with line breaks, bullet points and at the end the format is lost, Field Engineers have wasted their time and Customer is not happy with the printed result as not clear. 

We had asked the question to support but answer is that rich text format is not supported: Is it planned to integrate this rich text format or formatted text in sire reports in coming release ?