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Mobile Application Q&A

At our last design time webinar, we discussed our mobile applications and shared screens from our upcoming Summer 16 release. We also had a number of questions about application capabilities and usage. We captured those and verified the answers here:

Q: When will Summer 16 ship?

A: Currently scheduled for release on September 9, but it may take up to 1 week to appear on the app store.

Q: What devices will be supported?

A: iPad, Windows Laptop, Android Tablet

Q: What happens to the event preview in Summer 16?

A: The event preview on the calendar goes away in favor of a configurable work order summary that will debut in Winter 17. Here’s an example of what an event summary might look like:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.25.12 AM.png

(Note: This is a mockup. Actual screen may vary)

And how it would be configured:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.25.35 AM.png

(Note: This is a mockup. Actual screen may vary)

Q: Can the reschedule feature be removed or disabled?

A: The reschedule option appears if the user has edit privileges on event objects. To disable, you’ll need to change the technician’s editing privileges in salesforce.

Q: Can we get a read-only view of the Dispatch Console?

A: That’s not currently available, but we will consider adding it to our roadmap. We’ve had several requests for this so your inquiry helps us prioritize this on our roadmap.

Q: Can dispatch console limit sharing so that different regions/groups can be limited in the selection of work orders they can see?

A: Yes. This can be accomplished by configuring queues.

Q: Is there a way to schedule recurring items on the Dispatch Console?

A: Not at this time.

Q: What does the calculator icon on the work order do?

A: Invokes the get price function.

Q: What are the blue buttons on the top of the work order view in the new design?
A: These are custom action buttons. They are an optional item used to launch URLs with values from the editing form. If you don’t use this functionality, these won’t appear.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.28.23 AM.png

(Note: This is a mockup. Actual screen may vary)

Q: Can I continue to use the older UI or switch between them?
A: Yes. For Summer 16, we will release both the new application as well as an updated version of the current iPad app using the old UI. New features will only be available on the new application. You’ll need to download both versions of the app. We’ll have more information on managing the transition as we get closer to the release date.

Q: I’d like to be able to view attachments, edit and re-save them back to the work order. Is this possible?
A: Attachment editing is only possible via an edit process because our application doesn’t process permissions locally (when viewing a work order, the app doesn’t know if you have permission to edit it - that’s determined by the SFM actions). In addition, the file systems of devices - especially iOS - don’t allow one app to change the data belonging to another (with some exceptions). So to edit a photo, you’d need to save it to the photo roll on the device, edit the photo from a photo editing app that has access, then - via an edit process - attach the new version and delete the old.

Q: Is there any way to incorporate a pinch-zoom feature to make text easier to read?

A: Not at this time, but we will take a look at this issue for the future.

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Re: Mobile Application Q&A

In regards to question 3 above (What happens to the event preview* in Summer 16?), can I just confirm that there is no change to it in Summer 16, i.e. it is still an unconfigurable, hard coded feature of the app?

*AKA "Work Order Preview Pane" and "Work Order Summary Screen"