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Sushi Chef jmsilveira
Sushi Chef

Mobile Field Service App Training

We are looking for best practices or information on training a large number of field service associates (>1,000) on the FSA app for Windows. Is it possible to install the app on one machine and set it up with assigned work orders, car stock, etc.., then make a copy of the ServiceMax folder and use it on another machine?

I initially thought this was possible by exporting the ServiceMax registry keys however, it doesn't seem to work on another pc. The program will launch but the user name is missing and there is no way to complete the log in process. I am guessing there is something in the registry keys related to the machine it was created on because it always works fine on the original machine.

Has anyone else tried this and been successful? If not, what methods are you using to train a large number of people? We wanted to be able to provide them with as realistic experience as possible and we don't think it is practical to create and assign work orders to that many people in our sandbox and then have the trainees install under their credentials. But maybe that is the better or only way?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

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Pastry Chef mmajerus6
Pastry Chef

Re: Mobile Field Service App Training

Hello Jeff Silveira​. We have been rolling the FSA application out regionally starting with smaller regions first. The thinking is that we will learn more and get better as we move into the regions with larger numbers of Engineers. Our current strategy is to perform an onsite training where the Engineers ~25 meet, load the FSA app, and then are trained in how to use it. We realize that in-person training won't scale globally and are looking to create short videos to accompany the more detailed training PPT for larger groups of Engineers. Short, (< 5 minute), videos are great because Engineers can pause, rewind, and skip through portions which is especially helpful in regions where English is not the primary language.

The actual loading of the application has not been a significant hurdle, though it's worth noting that you'll need to configure the app to 'Run as Administrator' on Windows machines or the login screen won't work correctly. In regions with slow internet connections, application setup times can be up to an hour mainly because of the large volume of our spare parts and pricebooks, so that should be factored into the training times.

Hope this helps!

fsa​ training_videos​

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Sushi Chef jmsilveira
Sushi Chef

Re: Mobile Field Service App Training

Thanks Michael

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Re: Mobile Field Service App Training

You could create a virtual machine with the application pre-installed. Virtual Box can be used freely and is fairly easy to startup.

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Sushi Chef jmsilveira
Sushi Chef

Re: Mobile Field Service App Training

Thanks Adnan

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Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Re: Mobile Field Service App Training

Hi Jeff Silveira​,

  • Do you use Single Sign on for your Salesforce Users?
  • Will you need Cases and Work Orders pre loaded before the training? Or will the techs create them during the training?
  • Do you allow the Technicians to create their own Cases and Work Orders for 'while you are here' type work?

Depending on the answer to these questions then with large numbers of techs it will be hard to get the them to use their own logins and the experience will only be fractionally different to test tech logins.

When we did our roll out we had the techs use their own credentials but there was quite a bit of setup in advance needed. We did some in person training and then used a train the trainer model.

If you are using test techs then the approach below may work for you. It may take a bit of time to setup but once setup you will be sorted for all of the training. With a few steps to perform at the start of or just before each training session.

1. Create load files to create the following

~1000 User records

~1000 Technician Records

~1000 Location records

SMaxTest1 or similar naming convention could be used for the records. Use vlookups etc to populate the ids for lookup fields in your Tech and Location record creation load files.

2. Have a set list of stock for each technician, say 10 parts with 10 of each part. The same for each Technician and dataload to create these in the product stock object.

3. Dataloads to create enough Cases and Work Orders to have 20 for each tester

4. When you are ready to train then split the list of users up in to the numbers you need for each class/wave/session etc. Take the first chunk and assign out to your techs to be trained.

5. Reset the password for the test users you have assigned. Build a view of users to look for your test techs and you can reset passwords on mass using the below. The Salesforce profile you are using must be set to non sso.

  • Click Setup.
  • On the Quick Find box, enter Users.
  • Select the names of the Users
  • Click Reset Password(s).

6. Assign the 20 work orders each to each tech setting scheduled start and end so they cover the week and arent all on top of each other.

Regards, Richard

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Sushi Chef jmsilveira
Sushi Chef

Re: Mobile Field Service App Training

Thanks for this information Richard.

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