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Mobile options

I'm having some difficulty with all the different mobile options and looking for input from others. Our technicians have Iphones and Laptops. We originally set them up with the Servicemax mobile for Windows app and earlier this year I have done some BETA testing with the FSA mobile app by installing on a test laptop. Before I go any further and upgrade all technicians devices to this application I want to know if this is also available on Iphones (and if so, how do I get it installed?). I've tried to find that information online but it just wasn't clear and there are so many different names for the various applications it gets very confusing. If FSA is not also available on Iphone, is there a mobile app that is available on both laptops and Iphones?

I would like to have less applications to maintain so 1 mobile solution for all devices would be great if tha't exists.

Hopefully someone can give me some clarity. I am also creating a case in hopes that SVMX tech experts might be able to give me some guidance as well.