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Sync Error

Description: I am trying to walk my techs through the
IPAD usage and after signing in to servicemax 15 it performs an initial sync.
When we get to step 5 we get an error message that reads

  1. System.nullpointerexceptionattempt  to de-reference a null object.


You should be able to resolve this issue by doing the

Remove the download criteria for the technicians Save the
configuration with the download criteria removed Add the criteria back into the
configuration Save the configuration with the download criteria added back in
Have the technician's open the app and sync

Please let me know if this resolves the issue and if you
have any additional questions.

I followed the above steps and it has not resolved my issue. I also granted login access to the support personnel but have not heard back in a few days and i have not had the issue resolved.  Any body have an idea?


Re: Sync Error

Richard, Here are detailed instructions on how to double check your Mobile Configuration settings.  Navigate to ServiceMax Setup -> Mobile & Offline -> Mobile Configurations and double check each "Download criteria" to make sure it does not look like the screen shot below where the Field Name is "-None-".  If you see "-None-" that means that the field that was being referenced in the download criteria rule was probably deleted or the API name was changed.    Update the field by selecting the correct field name so it's not showing "-None-" and click Save.

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