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Sync Gateway Dynamic Routing Update

Product Team
Product Team

Sync Gateway Dynamic Routing Update

When ServiceMax Go app executes mobile data sync, it automatically utilizes the sync gateway that is closest to the mobile device. There are currently two Sync Gateway PoP (Point of Presence) - North America and EMEA. As a result, when a ServiceMax Go user in UK runs data sync, the app will utilize the EMEA sync gateway whereas user in US will will utilize the US sync gateway.

Based on our analysis, we found that utilizing the closest sync gateway to the mobile device does not always result in optimal sync performance. Instead of using the closet sync gateway to the device, best way to reduce network latency is to utilize the sync gateway that is physically closest to the Salesforce Org. This is because more network communication and traffic takes place between sync gateway and the Org compared to mobile device and the sync gateway.

This update to the sync gateway dynamic logic will be transparent to mobile users and will be completed on Monday, March 22. Update will not result in any downtime on the sync gateway or on the usage of ServiceMax Go mobile apps. 

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