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Syncing Master Detail Records

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

Syncing Master Detail Records

Hi All

I have been struggling to successfully sync both parent and child records in a master - detail relationship. I had both the parent and child set up in the advance download criteria, and what ever i did i just couldn't get it to work; the parent record was okay, but what ever criteria i used the child would either not work (not surprising i was trying a lot of criteria) or it would lock up the iPad during syncing (i am guessing this should have worked if there wasn't some form of Cartesian relationship going on).

In the end i cracked it, i added the parent object to the download criteria, and left the child in the advance criteria, i behold it works, in fact the child criteria is the one i first tried in my initial attempts to get it working.

Both parent and child records had account fields on them, which i related to the event WO, and independently they would work, its just if they were both set up in the advance criteria the child records would not sync to the iPad.