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View settings for a record

Fry Chef
Fry Chef

View settings for a record

Hi Members,


I have installed FSA (Field Service Application) on a Windows Laptop. When trying to view a Install Base, I get a message, View is not configure for a IB.


In the Smax Set up I've added the view FSM transaction (in mobile permissions) and the SFM APP Permissions is enabled. In Salesforce Profile, User has access to IB.

No criteri on SFM wizard.


Any idea on how to tackle that ?


Best regards,



Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Re: View settings for a record

Hi Bas, it is a bit difficult without getting into your org to troubleshoot further.

If you have checked:

- ServiceMax configuration Profile has access to the View SFM

- Salesforce Profile has field level security access to all fields on the view SFM

- Salesforce Profile has access to the object you are trying to view

- User has record access (sharing rules and model etc) to the record you are trying to view

then the next step is best to be logging a case with ServiceMax support.

Regards, Richard

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