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iPad Sync Conflicts - workorder vs. work details

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

iPad Sync Conflicts - workorder vs. work details

Hey guys,


in some cases, I have sync conflicts on work details. Is there any option to setup a sync sequence like:

  1. work details - time entries
  2. work details - parts
  3. work details - labor
  4. workorder data
  5. and so on...


My current problem is, that in some cases work order data syncs without conflicts, but the related work details thave sync conflicts. The workorder data should not be synced, before work details are synced without any issues.


many thanks,



Re: iPad Sync Conflicts - workorder vs. work details

Hi Heiko Lindner​,

Thank you for participating in community.

I'm working on getting an answer for your question. Will provide you the information as soon as i have some information.




Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Re: iPad Sync Conflicts - workorder vs. work details

It sounds like you have Module 'ServiceMax iPad Client', Submodule 'Synchornization', SET019 Enable Aggressive Sync set to True combined with using a Linked process from the Work Order as a parent to edit Work Details.

This causes the Parent level SFM to save when the Linked Process SFM is selected.

You may want to add or enable the editing of Work Details from the Work Detail View or set Enable Aggresive Sync to False, but be mindful of the sync interval in the ServiceMax Mobile Configuration

It also sounds like you have an integration piece or perhaps business practices that update work details the Technician owns, and this can cause certain timestamp fields to throw sync conflicts regularly.

This can be remedied by setting 'ServiceMax iPad Client', Submodule 'Synchornization', SET016 'Advanced conflict resolution during data synchronization' to True

Then in the ServiceMax iPads app settings, telling the app to accept either the Sevrer, or the iPads data, to which it sounds like now, it is currently set to ask the user.