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Ability to remove "Barcode" bar from Explore menu on the mobile app

Ability to remove "Barcode" bar from Explore menu on the mobile app

Ability to remove "Barcode" bar from Explore menu on the mobile app

For groups that do not currently have a foundation to support barcodes, we would like the ability to disable the barcode bar from the screen. We have had instances where the bar covered the menu icon and it's difficult to get the barcode bar to disappear so that we may use the menu icon.

This occurs if I am the Explore screen and tap my finger on the search box, the bar appears. If I then try to tap anywhere else, the bar remains on the screen and covers the menu icon. We can mitigate this by tapping again in the search box and pressing "Enter" on the keyboard, but it's not very intuitive.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Freeing up space on the screen for groups/companies that do have have the ability to support barcodes
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Increased training on how to make the bar disappear while in the search screens.
Product Area?
Communities Other
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Spring 16
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Hi @joegearhart,

I'm Stryker's CSM, and we're working hard with product to make sure we address every idea on the Ideas Exchange...which is a big undertaking!  I was wondering if this is something you're still interested in? If you're still interested in this, is there anything additional you'd like to add to flesh it out before we send to product?   Or has this been solved/answered in some other way?  If it's not valid or of interest, please let me know so we can close.

Thanks so much!

Dana Soza