Achieve more with less clicks

Today many validations result in an error message. The error message needs to be clicked away, then the record needs to be reopened and the field can be entered or corrected before you can try another Save.
How great would it be when the future app (FSA?) would just provide the field(s) that need to be entered or corrected without the need for all previous steps?
So instead of saying: "Please enter all required fields, OK" just say: "Please enter field x: _____________ , OK" and when there are more fields involved show the others in sequence or below each other, where applicable with the related error message (e.g. show both time stamps and the error for "Job Close can only come after Dispatch Time" and give the user the option to change either or both).

Just curious if other companies would also think this idea would greatly improve the user experience of the app and make the Technicians much more productive and efficient (and happy )


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What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
unnecessary clicks, frustration, inefficiency
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
not, just live with the ancient behavior of the app
Product Area?
Communities Mobile Field Service Management Parts Management Preventive Maintenance Work Order Management Other
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Winter 17
Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

Rob, yes that would be helpful. It takes too many steps to close out the error screen and resolve the missing/incorrect data issues. Also, depending on resolution of the device, sometimes the blank box in which you have to check is missing off the screen and it is not intuitive for the user to scroll sideways.

Roast Chef
Roast Chef

SAP provides a list of "to do" items before error log is resolved.  Double-clicking on each item in turn takes you to the screen requiring entry.  On a page with many fields this can be very helpful.

Product Team
Product Team

This is an interesting idea. I like the idea of fewer steps. Are you guys thinking about this for SFMs in general or for checklists in particular?

Product Team
Product Team

Hey Rob van Waveren​!

My name is Darrin Lin. I'm one of the UX Designers at ServiceMax working on our up and coming mobile app. I know it's been a while since this was originally posted, so apologies for the late reply! I hope to interact and share more with the community moving forward.

Totally get what you're saying about validation being clunky, and requiring too many steps. Productivity and efficiency is a high priority for us and we're working hard to make FSA easier and more convenient for technicians everywhere. Part of that mission involves improvements to validation. Here's one example of how we're doing that with inline validation messages in our FSA for iPhone and Android (currently in beta):

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 15.58.02.png

In this example, the validation message is shown in real time (the moment the technician completes the field), so there will be more opportunities to take care of form field errors as they occur, rather than having to resolve all the errors after a save. I hope this resonates with your idea about achieving more with less clicks!



Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Hi Darrin,

Looking forward to make this app a better app :-)