Additional Search Fields

Currently there is only one field in which to enter search criteria when selecting Explore on iPad, or Lists on iPhone.

This means that when entering a part or serial number it searched the whole org for that number and returns any with that sequence making it difficult for the user to find the precise one they want.

Example - serial 8855 for installed product will return all products with sequence 8855 in the serial number regardless of model type, country, region.

If there were a second field to enter search criteria, the user could reduce the number of results returned.

Example - serial 8855. country France. Or serial 8855, model F7B0

This should speed up searches and improve user adoption. We used to have multiple search fields before the winter 15  release.

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Now using the option to change between Exact Match, Contains, Starts with and Ends with when performing a search, but this does not resolve all cases
Product Area?
Mobile Field Service Management Parts Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Spring 16
Staff Chef
Staff Chef

I am sure this is required by many customers and it has negatively impacted our engineers efficiency since the functionality to search for multiple terms was removed. Searching is now one of our top problem areas.

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

pitney bowes​ would benefit a great deal from the delivery of this idea. To us it is required functionality for any search solution. An example would be I want to search for Repair Work Orders in Zip Code 123456.