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Automatic Config Sync and Data Purge

Automatic Config Sync and Data Purge

Automatic Config Sync and Data Purge

The app should be smart enough to detect any changes in the configuration on the server and update the configuration automatically without any user intervention i.e. without the user having to click on "sync config" button. Today, after every patch / release / hotfix we have to communicate to 4000+ users (FSRs) to perform a sync config on their devices. In the existing application, the sync is mostly a pull request. Can this not be converted to a push request from the server side? In case if the user/device is not online, the sync should be performed whenever the device is online next - pretty much how most of the news, messaging apps work

The behavior should also be same for purge data. Instead of informing user of a "purge due", set a limit of 15 days after which data purge should be performed whenever the device is online.

In a best case scenario, the buttons for purge data and sync config shouldnt even be there and this should be a complete automated feature.

The complete device / mobility experience is dependent on the field services representative (FSR) synchronising the configuration after every change. Sometimes the FSRs are on the field for 4-5 days at a time and don't always have ready access to emails or the country delegated admin. The app is supposed to be autonomous letting the FSRs focus on the job.

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
through repeated manual communications by email and monthly calls but this just acts as an impediment to their regular day to day jobs
Product Area?
Communities Mobile Field Service Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

@joseph_june this is a fantastic enhancement and I really like the ability to target specific group profiles where changes are on relevant to specific country/business unit.


Line Chef
Line Chef


This is great news?

Quick question: Will the "Configuration Management" feature allow Admins to configure

Auto-Schedule of Data Purges?

Auto-purge upon "Save" (automatically purge data when performing a Parts Return or when Installing a Part and deinstalling a Part from an installed product?)