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Calendar Event Color Code based on Event and WO status

Calendar Event Color Code based on Event and WO status

We have a lot of feedback from our Field to have color coding of Mobility Tools Calendar Events based on Event Status(Assigned, Accepted) and WO Status in various stages. This would enable FSR to identify Events on the Calendar based on the color code quickly and complete remaining tasks.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Improve Technician User Experience and Productivity
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
No solution available. We update Priority field on Work Order but it is not helping Technicians
Product Area?
Mobile Field Service Management Scheduling & Dispatch Work Order Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Winter 18
Product Team
Product Team

This is on our roadmap and you will see it first on the FSA phone apps. Right now color coding of events are limited to basing it on priority attributes which many of our customers find it very limiting. We are planning to enable customers to define custom color against any attribute of the event's associated work order and possibly even combination of multiple attributes. For example, you would be able to set work orders with status=high and work order type = installation, set event to blue vs. status=high and work order type=repair, set event to red.

In addition to color, we are exploring other visual indicators that can be customized such as icon or background pattern for the event. 

Pastry Chef acooper
Pastry Chef

This sounds great!

Roast Chef brendenburkinsh
Roast Chef

I have been asked for the last three years when we will there be colour coding available based on the work order attributes. I look forward to this being released as it will make for some very happy engineers.

Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Hi Joseph June​, are you able to give more details of when this will be available. I assume it will be FSA iPhone? Is a version being targeted for this?

Regards, Richard

Sushi Chef susanbmichel
Sushi Chef

Yes the proposed solution sounds great. We are moving to the FSA for iPad and our users would love some more flexibility with colors and indicators. We are also interested in flagging or color coding based on order type and order status.

Susan Michel

Pastry Chef smusku
Pastry Chef

Hello Joseph, can we configure color coding using custom fields instead of SVMX fields?

Grill Chef warrenhalbie
Grill Chef

@joseph_june this is indicated as on the roadmap - can you say which version of Smax Go this will be available as the first release appears to still not have this capability?

Customer Success Team

@warrenhalbie  @richard_lewis @brendenburkinsh  @susanbmichel 

I've reached out to our Product team this morning so we can provide an update as soon as possible.  Also, I've tagged your CSMs so they are aware and can follow this Idea as well.   


@kishan_kumar @kevinpayne @jamie_mckechnie @jeff_mallett 

Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

thanks @lisa_mercer 

Product Team
Product Team

We are targeting the 19.3 for this feature. We know that this is an important and often requested feature across all our mobile apps. The reason for the delay is that we currently lack the place where user can configure the color rules and we are planning to add this setting in the new mobile configuration screens - which we are planning to release in 19.3.