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DataAccessAPI - Update/Create bulk records

DataAccessAPI - Update/Create bulk records

DataAccessAPI - Update/Create bulk records

Today, if we have to update >2k records through this API, either API crashes or takes more than 30minutes to process these request.


Need to ability to perform bulk/mass update through DataAccess API.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Performance and User experience including Data Access API
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
not addressed
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Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

For large industrial customer sites audit, typically we update 2KAssets up to 10KAssets. When an existing typical site is up-loaded in FSA by consultant for the first time through DataAccessAPI, it will take huge time to created/update all the assets and sometimes it will crash during creation. During several internal tests, the time to up-load an existing customer site was more than half hour up to several hours. You can easily understand that this is not acceptable for any consultant to wait so long for accessing an existing site.

Product Team
Product Team
Status changed to: Active

The issue is because neither the data access api or mobile sync was designed to update that many records per single transaction. Suggestion is to reduce the number of records being updated in a single transaction.