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Delete Events in ServiceMax Go

Delete Events in ServiceMax Go

Delete Events in ServiceMax Go

It should be made possible to Delete Events in ServiceMax Go. We do not want to force users to switch apps when managing events. All events Dispatch or otherwise should be managed from ServiceMax Go for ease of use.

Please not that permissions for deleting  the type of events should be possible to. We do not want users to delete Work Order Dispatch Events, only other events in their calendar and deletion should sync to Salesforce to remove it there.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Manage all Events from ServcieMax Go thus delete them
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Open related event record and SFM to set to Cancelled and Flow in Salesforce will then delete it and then sync a second time to remove in Go, very cumbersome.
Product Area?
ServiceMax Go
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
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Product Team
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Can you explain the impact here?

I.e. what happens if they cannot delete the event ? 

Also what benefit does the user get from being able to delete the event.

We are considering other options such as 'hiding' certain events rather than deleting, as such cleaning up the UI for the tech but while retaining the control of data being deleted in the Back Office.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

@TrevAlexSVMX we allow for our service team to create their own events for vehicle services, meetings etc. When these events are cancelled the technician has to then call a scheduler to delete the event from the app which wouldn't be necessary if they could delete it themselves. 

Could this be set up in the Mobile settings to allow delete event = true/false?

Roast Chef
Roast Chef

@TrevAlexSVMX  We want to use Centralized Dispatching and for that the Calendar must match. Else the Dispatchers cannot accurately and effectively plan the work orders. And not deleting events would leave gaps. Online it is possible, in Salesforce Mobile it is possible, in outlook it is possible but we cannot point users to different apps for different functions. We want the Mobile app to be used for everything the Technician must do. You can image that such a simple thing would be very frustrating as Technicians already have so much information to enter for the jobs they perform.

The Delete Event should be configurable as such that we can set control for example, technicians should not be allowed to delete any Events which are Dispatch events for a Work Order as that would not unassign the Work Order. It should only be possible for other events.

@brenoburkinshaw We are now forced to use a work around which is A. a flow that Deletes an Event, then a Process builder which will if the subject of the event is changed to = "Cancelled" it sends that Event Id to flow that then executes the deletion of the Event. B. Create a Custom SFM for Setting the Subject to "Cancelled" with Smart Sync enabled. C. Inform the technician to go to the Event record listed on the Event and use the Custom SFM to set it to cancelled. Then when sync is finished E. He must sync again so the deletion that ran in the Salesforce environment is synced back and the event is no longer on Servicemax Go either.