Extended/Expanded view of text on iPad

Extended/Expanded view of text on iPad

It is a need to have a way to view more text on the iPad.  Certain situations will warrant that larger blocks of text be available for both labels like Section Headers and Text fields.

Context to show impact:

- Medical Device company has to conduct a questionnaire for any repair per legal requirements.  It would be Ideal to provide a way to have a Header per question that would display the full 255 characters allotted.  This would provide a clean flow while showing a descriptive Meta-Data.

- Long Text or Text Area fields do not expand well to show text easily.  This is a pain point to the technician/Engineer.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Product Area?
Mobile Field Service Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16

I know a lot of customers who use the iPad with external keyboards so they would have more screen real estate because they don't want to use the virtual keyboard but the ServiceMax app still brings up the virtual keyboard when they click into a cell for editing.  Is there a way to config the iPad or app not to display the virtual keyboard if they are using an external keyboard?  ipad‌

Pastry Chef acooper
Pastry Chef

Its important that it handles text correctly, especially for iPhone as screen real estate is limited

Sushi Chef warrenhalbie
Sushi Chef

Couldn't agree more with this - having to use some pretty crude work arounds to display longer text at the moment for exactly the same reasons as the above description

Product Team
Product Team

This has been an area of struggle for us but something we are now starting to look at. I think most of the problem are the way we render some of the components in SFM screens. For example we recognize that the mobile app does not handle long text or text area fields well. We are looking at these components and specific layouts and will improve them on an on-going basis.

Roast Chef mark_v3553
Roast Chef

Couldn't agree more, we have a checklist whereby we must put some disclaimer on the screen to be compliant with GDPR in Europe. The limitation means that the SFM Description which could be very very helpful to populate doesn't completely display on the FSA mobile app for iPad. But if the SFM Description is populated it displays fully in the browser - this is a huge gap and needs fixing resolving urgently! GDPR rules dictate we must put disclaimers before "survey" type checklists. So without this function means we cannot take use of the checklist function for our business model.