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FSR Time Clocking Requirements

FSR Time Clocking Requirements

FSR Time Clocking Requirements

  1. Create a way for the FSR to choose an event WO or assignment and start time recording and end time recording.          
    • Play and pause button like on music player directly on the calendar, in the event itself
    • Each stop will create a work detail
    • At the stop, get a page that we can configure for what fields we would like to include such as activity type, Customer or FSR time, FSR hour type
    • Needed for both desktop and mobile app
    • Should be able to define maximum time limit so that it will shut off if no action from the FSR.      

2. Could put an alarm asking you to shut it off every 15 minutes or so also could be done at end of event scheduled time

    • Investigate the possibility to have geolocation log start and stop time of drive time                           
    • Would need to be able to shut it off outside or working hours
    • Potentially require the ability to add a pop up asking if drive time is ended, with follow ups like, do you want to log customer greeting time?
What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Clocking Time Spent by FSR on WO without opening WO and manually entering each debrief
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
We created a Search SFM which has 3-4 clicks before starting the clocking of time.
Product Area?
Mobile Apps
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
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Staff Chef
Staff Chef

HI @smusku , I suggest you check out this post by @judywu . It covers some of what you are looking for and looks like Judy is definitely a good person for you to catch up with regarding your business needs for this.

Regards, Richard

Product Team
Product Team

Thanks @richard_lewis for the connection!

Hi @smusku , I'd love to get your thoughts on the community post that Richard linked and how you think the suggested design fits your use case. 

I'd also like to get a better understanding of the work flow the FSR undergoes everyday. Are they currently logging time as they complete each step (e.g., arrive on-site, start work, etc.) or are they logging time after the matter? And what would prompt a stop in time recording (as you mentioned above in the second bullet)?

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

Hello @judywu 

We have multi-fsr assignment on a WO. We built Clocking feature using intermidiate Object between Event and WO that connects multiple FSRs on to same work Order. We built SFM Search on intermidiate option to start clocking activity. It takes 3-4 clicks for user to start clocking. We have option to start the clocking at the begining of travel, Onsite and work. We create a Work detail after stop of activity. FSR should start next activity like after Travel stop, start Job Preparation or work.App can't send any notification to technician when he forgets to stop ongoing activity and start next one. We should have capability to configure a notification every 15min or 30min about on going actvity so that he can stop the activity if he missed on last 15min. Geo fencing be used to Stop travel clocking and Start Work clocking. Similary when technician leaves the customer site, we will stop work clocking and start Travel clocking.

@joseph_june and @archana_krishna have detailed documentation on our existing clocking feature.


Here are my answers to your question on Design time thread:

- Do your technicians currently report their status within the FSA app? If so, how?

We user SVMXC__Dispatch_Response__c to capture FSR current status: FSR Acknowledge, Job Prep, Work In Progress, OnSite, Delivered & Completed etc. We update WO status based on FSR response field

- How well does reporting technician activity fit into your business needs?

We need more actions than shows in screen mock-up aligning with Dispatch response picklist values. This should be configurable.

- How well does this interaction fit into your technicians' workflow?

This is a good UX design but we are looking for more flexibility to configure and customize Work Details creation as per our need for each Activity Type.