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Multi-part Questions on a Checklist

Multi-part Questions on a Checklist

Multi-part Questions on a Checklist

We would like to request better handling of multi-part questions in a checklist. Currently, each part of a multi-part question is numbered individually like screen shot below.

Multipart Question Example.jpg

We would like somehow group them together and have a unique identifier such as 1a or 1b to differentiate each question but still know it's part of the same question. Please see below:

Multipart Question - Future State.jpg

checklist checklists and forms Dawn PlaskonPei Wong

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Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Hi there,


Check my idea as well: Checklist: Assessment/valuation of answers on output-document

it would ease the work of the technician even more, because the pass/fail flag could be set by the system according to a defined range. Then there would be no need for a second question "Within the range?".




Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

@joseph_june   Could we get an update on this one?  Thanks!

Product Team
Product Team

Couldn't this be handled using checklist sections to group the related questions?