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Notifications for critical updates and support announcements

Notifications for critical updates and support announcements

Notifications for critical updates and support announcements

Customers should receive an email notification regarding Critical updates as well as support announcements.

Each customer has 2 users as contacts for creating cases with Tech Support (4 if premier support?). These individuals should be notified by email for all Critical updates as well as Support Announcements that can have an impact on the business.


  1. iOS updates: each time apple releases an update, several users would typically create a post asking about this. There should be a single community page for this as well as an email sent to the named support contacts.
  2. FSA Sum 16 and Win 17 apps being removed from App stores. This is news I need to see instead of stumbling on it in the community.
  3. Chrome v60 impacting ServiceMax: This was initially posted on a blog in the community. It was not added to the ALL SUPPORT ANNOUNCMENTS page.

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
1. Perform a manual search on this community2. Follow others: if they create a post or comment on one you can see these updates3. Follow a post, blog etc...
Product Area?
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Hi John Welisevich, have you looked at the space? Support Critical Updates

Between following this space and following Support Announcements you should have the information you are asking for.

Here is a blog post explaining the ServiceMax Support Team's intention Support Experience on the Community: Revamp!

You can also follow this space Mobile App Releases  to get a notification when each new app version is pushed to the app store.

Your Example Points:

1. This was instead added to the Support Critical Updates Space

2. The removal of apps from the app store did have insufficient lead time, I agree with you there but as your screenshot shows it was posted in the support announcements section.

3. This information was posted in the Support Announcements Space.

So, please correct me if I am wrong, but I think what is needed is a clear instruction or blog post on how to get notifications on support issues. With details of which spaces to follow and how to set this following to send you emails to your inbox. Then your support contacts can follow these instructions. I suggest that anyone involved in ServiceMax Support should have a login on the Community and should use it to supplement their Support relationship with ServiceMax. Mybe ServiceMax could share the details with all their support contacts and add it to their email template they send with new support portal login details?

It is my understanding that the critical updates are already sent out to contacts on ServiceMax Accounts.

I am hoping the above is helpful as that was my intention. When it comes to Support processes though I agree there is always room for improvement. I personally like the approach ServiceMax have taken with this as it is flexible and controllable by the user. I can select what I get updates on and also the entire support team at my company can get these updates if they choose to, instead of the limited list of 2 or 4 contacts.

I am not sure an idea is the best place for your feedback to get to the people who need to see it. It may be better to post them as a reply to this post Support Experience on the Community: Revamp!

Regards, Richard


Hi @johnw 

Is this an idea you're still interested in, and/or is still valid? We're working hard with product to make sure we address every idea on the Ideas Exchange...which is a big undertaking!  Let me know if this is an idea you're still interested in, and I'll ensure product reviews. But if not, let me know that too, so I can pass it on!


Dana Soza