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PDF Reader App for iPad to keep PDF open without having to save it [Bayer]

PDF Reader App for iPad to keep PDF open without having to save it [Bayer]

PDF Reader App for iPad to keep PDF open without having to save it [Bayer]

Submitted on behalf of Bayer - Susan Michel

Too many touches to go through documented procedures: For example, the Back button takes user back to PDF main menu, not the previous PDF.

Is there a PDF reader that can be added to, or is available on the list of apps that can open a document on the iPad?

Currently, the apps listed today do a “save” of the PDF, which Bayer cannot have for compliance reasons.

Current Progress: Defect 28700

Issue in: iPad

PS: refer attached screenshots.

The share options in the native "share sheet” are limited, when share option is selected from the popover.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install LUMA iPad App v16.29.036 and sync with / servicemax17

2. A WO has attachments.

3. Open the WO in view or edit process.

4. Tap on share icon for any attachment & select "share" from the popover.

5. Check the share screen displayed.

Actual result:

  • Only mail & notes are listed.
  • But when tapped on the attachment itself lists the share sheet with the following options:
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Copy to iBooks
  • Copy to Chrome
  • Copy to Dropbox
  • Copy to Salesforce1

Expected Result:

Tapping on attachment, should not display the share sheet; but should display the service report.

Tapping on "share" from the popover, should display the native share sheet.

Tapping on any attachment:

  • in iPad: Tapping on the attachment, LUMA app displays the share options list, with options AirDrop, Mail, iBooks & other external applications like Chrome, Adobe reader etc. The file can be viewed using any valid application (iBooks, Chrome, Adobe reader, etc)
  • in Android: By default pdf reader is invoked from google drive. When no other applications are installed, on tapping the attachment, the file is opened using the default app.  When we have an external application like Adobe reader installed; list is displayed on tapping the attachment with options JUST ONCE & ALWAYS.
  • in Laptop:  App uses any installed application to view the document (like Adobe reader)

An inline doc-viewer within FSA for iOS app is currently not supported.  Working toward SPR17 Roadmap

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
End users are simply dealing with current cumbersome doc process in iPad.
Product Area?
Mobile Field Service Management Work Order Management Other
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
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Product Team
Product Team

via Joseph June​: Inline PDF Viewer has been added for FSA iPad and FSA Android Tablet.