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Prevention of overlapping time entries on the mobile app

Prevention of overlapping time entries on the mobile app

Hi all

Our field service engineers have to add multiple time entries when completing a work order including, travel time, work time, wait time etc. We need to be able to help the engineers with preventing overlap which is currently done as a validation only at sync and results in huge frustration for users who complete all their labour entries only to find a sync issue for overlapping times later.

It would be great to be able to stop labour times from overlapping on a WO and to validate this at entry time rather than on sync

Hope this makes sense

Warren Halberstadt

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Overlapping time entries
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
By Validation at Sync level
Product Area?
Communities Mobile Field Service Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Roast Chef nick_sauer
Roast Chef

Critical for proper offline use.  This is our biggest cause of sync conflicts due to hitting online validation that cannot be enforced offline.  Should be able to validate against local database id.

Sushi Chef warrenhalbie
Sushi Chef

Still see no traction on this - This is a critical item that probably causes 60% of all error that engineers make on their devices. We are currently having to work with SMax specialists to create a custom solution that only half solves this issue. Very surprised there are not more companies requesting this functionality

Roast Chef nick_sauer
Roast Chef
Pastry Chef russjaco
Pastry Chef

Hi All

We highlighted this many many years ago, and never really a satisfactory response. As we need to work on more than one installed product per visit, and if you include what we call WO level time entries, such as travel, training, H&S briefing etc, then the time data entries are done at different areas within the app, which makes it nigh on impossible to allow the engineer to check the times they have entered are all done correctly, in the right chronological order, and that there are no gaps or overlaps.

They can check time data from the WO view in the app, but as it allows only 2 columns, this is not enough information, so wee have ended up creating a dummy service report, which lets them review all data they have entered.



Product Team
Product Team

Currently, this functionality is on the roadmap. SVMX will enable users to detect for overlapping time entries using custom javascript in the JS Snippet. We are targeting to deliver this for FSA tab apps for 19.1 release


Lacy Cotton-Hodgson​ - From an implementation perspective, would this mean

  • Add relevant timesheet entries in the download criteria
  • Build custom logic in JS snippet to check for overlaps from the downloaded data-set
Customer Success Team

Guy Tanguay​  FYI

Grill Chef guytang
Grill Chef

Lacy Cotton-Hodgson​, we love this option, we want to make sure that a tech can not overlap their time.  Will this also include an option to not allow techs to post time for a previous day.  Once yesterday is gone, it's gone.  Lisa Mercer

Product Team
Product Team

Guy Tanguay

Custom JS can do this too. Let me post more details on how this is being envisioned for 19.1 FSA in this week. Please watch this space.

For your second comment "Will this also include an option to not allow techs to post time for a previous day", doesn't the SFM Validation rule take care of the validating this using literal today/now? Guy Tanguay

Line Chef nschmitz
Line Chef

We face exactly the same problem. Validation check is only when syncing. The error message is not really helpful - also because the mentioned times are often in a different time zone than the entered work detail (seems that there is a conversion in the web of time zones). This leads to big effort on engineers side - often in frustration - and finally in deleting the wrong record to resolve this issue.

Would be really great if a better overlap check functionality can be developed very soon.