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Screen Flow after Scanning Barcode in App

Screen Flow after Scanning Barcode in App

Our work order details line item has a field called Batch Number which is frequently populated by scanning a barcode.  In the Summer 15 app on the iPad, when the user is in the Debrief SFM, the user is taken back to the main SFM page after the scan has been done.  In our case, that means the user has to tap the parts section again, scroll to find the correct part entry, open the part detail, and then finish the entry of the information on the part.  We need the screen flow to be changed so that the part detail is still on the screen after the scan has been completed.


This is the SFM in which the user scans the Batch Number into the field:

The user is sent back to the main SFM page and needs to tap into the parts section again:

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
This problem is addressed through training.
Product Area?
Work Order Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 15
Product Team
Product Team

Was this behavior different prior to the Summer 15 version?

Customer Success Team

@susanbmichel   Susan - any issues with closing this Idea as it is for Sum 15 iPad app.


If this is still a valid need for FSA, I'd suggest entering a new Idea.


@joseph_june   FYI

Sushi Chef susanbmichel
Sushi Chef

Yes @lisa_mercer - please close this. The FSA performs as we would like it.


Customer Success Team

@susanbmichel   Thanks for the quick reply!

Product Team
Product Team
Status changed to: Delivered

Marking this delivered since FSA works well.

Customer Success Team

@susanbmichel   Just an FYI that this has been delivered.


@jeff_mallett  @terrikennelly