Smart Routing on iOS

Today on the iPad application, the "Map" view displays a route for the day's work orders using the technician's home location as the starting point.  From the technician's home location, the next stop will be the first scheduled work order for the day.  In effect, all routing is based on a technician's schedule.

Imagine a field service model where the technician knows what stops s/he must make during any given day, but the order (and timing during the day) in which s/he makes each stop is irrelevant.  In this field service model, the technician wants the optimal travel plan:  a travel route which hits all stops using the shortest overall travel time.  Whether the technician goes to stop A or stop B first doesn't matter.  The technician just needs to hit them all before the end of the day.

Is this type of "Smart Routing" something the ServiceMax team has considered? Principal to the context is that stops/deliveries/work-performed doesn't need to happen in a specific time window. Rather, all work just needs to be completed before close of business (or the end of the day).

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Fry Chef
Fry Chef

For what it's worth, a product from Cloudbilt called MapAnything does both shortest path (traveling salesman problem) and near real-time GPS locations.  Cloudbilt is working with ServiceMax, but to what extent, I'm unsure.

For those desiring more out of SFDC/ServiceMax's mapping capabilities, check out MapAnything.