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Technician Time Entry only on Work Orders they have been dispatched on

Technician Time Entry only on Work Orders they have been dispatched on

Technician Time Entry only on Work Orders they have been dispatched on

We want to ensure that our technicians are only able to enter their debrief time on work orders that they have been dispatched to, in specific, if any ServiceMax Events or Open Activities exist on the work order and are associated to the user, then they will be able to dispatch. If none exist, the technician will be locked out of dispatching.

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
The problem is not addressed as it stands today, our technicians are able to enter debrief on any work order whether they are dispatched or not.
Product Area?
Communities Mobile Field Service Management Scheduling & Dispatch Work Order Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Product Team
Product Team

Archana KrishnanJoseph June​ Some use-case for geofencing & tracking

  • Track technician location at the time of debriefing.
  • Ability to see exactly where are technicians are dispatched and have confidence that they are not working (and entering time) anywhere else.
  • Disable technician from debriefing if not at location.

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

We have seen the following scenario which we think is a result of offline work:

  1. Assign WO to Technician A
  2. Technician A syncs and downloads WO
  3. Re-assign WO to Technician B
  4. Technician B syncs, downloads, debriefs and closes WO
  5. Technician A later updates WO and debriefs

We would like to see Technician A's updates discarded since they are no longer the Technician on the WO. The sync conflict rule may also be a factor in how this is currently working.

Product Team
Product Team

For the initial post from @timothy_mcdouga , it is now possible to leverage JS Snippets to perform validation and prevent the tech from entering time entries for the Work Orders that are not dispatched (doesn't have an appointment / Event). This can work even when the tech is fully offline.

@jmsilveira  - We are aware of this use-case. Do you mind creating a new idea for this one please and we can continue our conversation there?Thanks!


Grill Chef
Grill Chef


can you please provide some information about how to leverage JS Snippets to perform your mentioned action? We have the same problen with our technicians.

Thank you for your comments


Product Team
Product Team

@timothy_mcdouga  @dmartinez 

Here is what I was thinking.

We now have exposed Javascript APIs that can be leveraged to access information on the SFM or local database. Using this, you can query for the required information and write custom logic to validate a user's action. These snippets can be configured on different page events, will work even when tech is offline and are supported on FSA and Go app. 

In this case, you could write a snippet that can prevent the user from adding his debrief details or saving his debrief details  his debrief if the WO is not dispatched to him (meaning he has no event linked to the WO).

To help you start exploring the possibilities, I recommend you look at these documents.

1. Help :!servicemax-20-1-consolidated-help/custom-javascript-snippets-...

2. Feature Comparison matrix (sections JS Snippet endpoints and Custom JS Snippet Event Support) :!servicemax-20-1-consolidated-help/feature-comparison-matrix

Hope this helps.